Is Being Single a Sin?

Absolutely not. You can stop reading now if that’s all you were concerned about. But if you are curious about the many joys and few sacrifices of being single then read on. There’s even a test at the end too.

Fun fact, Jesus and the Apostle Paul were both single for their entire lives! There are other Bible characters that were also single, but these are the two biggest names worth mentioning. One of them is the entire reason for Christianity, and the other wrote most of the New Testament himself! 

So, no, being single is not a sin. 

It’s actually considered a better lifestyle than marriage! That’s because single people are free to better serve the Lord without the distraction of a relationship. Married people are still able to serve the Lord too, but they can also become overly concerned with how to please their spouses instead of how to please the Lord. Neither lifestyle is bad, but it’s better to be single.

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The Joys of Being Single

There are people who are only single for a short period of time. Other people are more naturally inclined towards a bachelor’s lifestyle. There are others still that have taken vows of celibacy as an act of worship. Each person has their own background and reason for singleness.

Whether you’ve decided to be temporarily or permanently single, there are plenty of great reasons to enjoy singledom! Here are just a few of them.

Increased Focus

If you’re young, have you ever been playing a video game or concentrating on something important then get a text message from your crush who needs your help RIGHT NOW?!? You know where I’m going. Or if your older, have you ever been in the middle of an important assignment for work then your significant other calls to talk about something pressing? Both these scenarios are distractions. Even though that’s true, hopefully, you still prioritize that person because they’re more important to you than games or work.

Singles don’t have that problem. They’re able to devote their time and energy to a project completely and without worries outside of their control.

Complete Control

It’s nice having God as the only person to consult before making a life-changing decision. In a relationship or marriage, you’ll have to consider the opinions of at least one other person before making important decisions. Furthermore, disagreements are inevitable and happen between even the best of friends at some point. 

Singles don’t have that problem. They can choose to do whatever they please without checking for the approval of anyone else except God.

Fewer Responsibilities

With marriage comes family and responsibilities. Family responsibilities include everything and everyone from inlaws to children. As the family grows, so grows the list of responsibilities. Your life eventually becomes less about what you’re doing for the kingdom of God, and it becomes more about how you’re raising others to push forwards with His kingdom.

Singles don’t have that problem. Part of the single life includes sacrifices, yes, but those sacrifices still bring benefits of their own. Having fewer responsibilities and burdens is a blessing born from sacrifice. Is everyone able to see Jesus in that last sentence?!

The Sacrifices of Being Single

Those currently single are beholden to make certain lifestyle sacrifices. There are things reserved for marriage that singles must sacrifice. Depending on if you’re single by choice or not, these might feel like bigger forfeitures to some than others.

Here are a couple of sacrifices that come with the territory of being single.

No Sex

Christians understand that being single means not having sex. If you consider yourself a Christian and are single but still having sex, then you’re not living in accordance with the standards of God. Depending on how you respond to this warning, you might be in danger of becoming a hypocrite! We want to encourage and exhort you to value sex as holy and for enjoyment in marriage only.

No Children

This “sacrifice” is actually only half true. Naturally, with the sacrifice of sex comes the inevitable conclusion of not having children. However, this is only true if you’re considering biological children. Nothing in the Bible rules out adoption for singles, so if you feel called to that form of charity then go for it!

A Test for Singledom

God has fashioned every Christian to be a unique representation of Him. Some of those unique representations will be called to remain single, just like Jesus and Paul did. There’s nothing wrong with it, and there’s a lot right with it!

Are you one of those unique representations? Here’s a small test of questions to help you answer that. Your answers don’t necessarily exclude you from a relationship or singledom, but they might help you determine which is right for you.

Do You Have Sexual Desires?

Believe it or not, there are people with no sexual desires. Some people are even repulsed by the idea of sexual intimacy. They can feel altogether foreign in romance. If you fall into this category, don’t feel odd or defective because you’re not at all! Rather, God might have uniquely crafted you for a life of singledom.

Are You Capable of Support? 

As a husband or wife, you must be able to support one another and your family. Being capable of support is both mental and physical. The mentally challenged face unparalleled tests for supporting healthy romantic relationships and families. The physically challenged have also faced uncommon tests to financially support themselves and others, but thankfully, that has almost been completely mitigated during our current era!

Has God Specifically Called You?

This is a specific question for specific people, and they know who they are. Occasionally, God will specifically and undeniably call a person into celibacy. It could be temporary or permanent. It might be easy or hard for them. Nevertheless, they know they’ve been told to remain single for the purpose of dedicating themselves to God and for the sake of His kingdom. If that person is you, don’t miss this invitation and opportunity to serve God in a special way.