Christian Dating Advice for Women

The vast ocean of dating might be the hardest to navigate for Christian women. It can be difficult to stay on course when the opposite sex consistently tries to test the waters of your Christian morals and values. We appreciate you staying true to them, especially in these trying times of permissive culture.

It can be difficult to remain feeling optimistic after dating around for a while. Hearing the same pickup lines and seeing the same behavior, you may begin to wonder if there’s anyone out there for you at all. Well, don’t give up on finding someone who shares your values because we want to affirm that they’re out there!

That’s why we’ve taken the time to craft this article for you. We want to help guide you to romantic success, and although the wide world of dating can be difficult, we’re here to help. Below is some trustworthy advice for Christian women in the dating arena.

woman praying

Remember the Purpose of Dating

It’s important to moderate your dating and only go on dates that show potential from the start. Going on too many dates contributes to feeling worn out and unhappy with the overall dating process. There’s an easy and productive way to narrow down worthwhile dates, and of course, it’s rooted in a biblical belief.

Dating can be lots of fun, but fun is not the purpose of dating. The ultimate purpose of dating is marriage, and biblically, Christians are only permitted to marry other Christians (1Cor. 7:39). This one, simple truth has the potential to save you a myriad of pointless dates.

Believe it or not, the easiest way to determine if someone is suitable to date is the straightforward approach of asking. “What are your religious beliefs?” is a simple question that can be worked into any conversation. Here’s the best part; if they’re a devoted Christian, they’ll be eager to tell you! 

Imagine the precedent that would set for your future together as a couple. The basis of your relationship would be founded on faith in God. When others ask what initially attracted you to him, you could honestly answer: “Christ.” 

Make an Online Dating Profile

Online dating sites have been around for a while and are becoming the norm for finding a partner nowadays. While it might not be a surprise that they exist, it definitely might surprise you to learn that there are exclusively Christian dating sites. 

These Christian dating sites take the guesswork out of the equation. No more wondering about the profiles of men without a listed religious affiliation. Everyone on the sites below is looking for Christian women just like you.

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Focus on Yourself

Now that you’re oriented on the purpose of dating and signed up for a Christian dating site, it’s time to focus on being the best version of yourself. Christian men are searching for Christian women, and as such, it’s important for you to be a good representation of Christ. 

We encourage you to create or continue these two vitally important spiritual practices in your life. And remember, if you’re taking the time to work on yourself, you want to find someone who is doing the same. Look for someone who shares the following practices.

A daily Bible devotion is an important part of conforming yourself to the image of Christ. At some point during the day, set aside 10-15 minutes for Bible reading and contemplation. The point of this practice is to grow in your knowledge of God and reflect on the Bible’s application to your life. Oftentimes, this practice is helped through using devotional books that guide your readings and reflections.

Prayer is the normative model for communication between God and mankind. It’s the ordained way of speaking to God’s heart, and through silent introspection, it’s the way God speaks to your heart as well. It’s important to have an active prayer life, and there are ways to continue praying when you feel like you’ve run out of things to say. 

Please, take time to read and pray. They are foundational spiritual practices that shape your behavior and mindset. These intimate spaces are areas of the Christian faith that should eventually share with your husband. So, look for men who are doing the same.

Pray for a Partner

As Christians, prayer is our most powerful tool from God. It’s our all-purpose means for speaking to God about our desires and hearing from God about His own. So, it makes good sense that we should pray for Him to send us a spouse!

However, prayer is not an all-purpose means of simply getting what we want. The Bible reminds us that, sometimes, the reason we aren’t getting what we ask for from God is that we’re asking for the wrong reasons (Jam. 4:3). Are you asking for a spouse to fulfill your desires or God’s?

Now, consider the possibility that a spouse might fulfill God’s desire for your life too. See the other side of the coin and begin to pray for a spouse to achieve God’s purposes. Think about what those purposes might be and ask the Lord to equip you with a spouse to accomplish them together. 

We think you’ll see mountains moved when your will is aligned with His own.

Consider God’s Sovereignty

In accordance with His will, God knows exactly where you are at this moment in life. He understands your desire for companionship and wants to mold you into the best form of yourself for your future spouse. This happens by doing what’s most profitable for you at this time. 

He knows when you’ll find that partner who will eventually become your spouse. 

Consider these facts when you feel hurried to find someone special worth dating. Your situation isn’t too complicated for God, and it’s not His first time matchmaking. Don’t worry about your future or the timing because, believe it or not, you’re right where He wants you to be right now.