Christian Dating Advice for Seniors

It’s never too late to start dating again! Romance isn’t limited to age, and you’re never too aged to take another shot at love. There are plenty of other seniors who have decided to date again, and they’re looking for people just like you!

As Christians, we’re called to show love to the people of the world. God is the Source of all love, and by His Holy Spirit, you are blessed to be one of the instruments used by Him to dispense love to others (1John 4:7-8). So, we want to affirm your desire to receive and show love as something God-given – no matter what age you may be!

We’re here to make sure you’re prepared for what lies ahead during your return to dating. You might have been out of the romance department for quite a while, but don’t worry, we’ve discovered some techniques that will help you find love fast without falling victim to fast love.

We hope God blesses you during the reading of this article and you’ll take to heart the suggestions below.

elderly couple standing on a bridge

Set the Example

As the elders of your community, you are an example for young people to follow. Middle-aged men and women will be watching how you act and speak when it comes to dating etiquette. It’s quite true that your behavior will often be passed on and imitated by them.

Now, we’re certain that timeless truth isn’t a newsflash for you, but maybe this biblical teaching will be. We want to take this moment to encourage you to obey the Bible by only seeking other Christians to date (1Cor. 7:39). The Apostle Paul makes it very clear believers are to only marry other believers in Christ, and the goal of dating is to become married to that special person.

That’s not us saying to rush the process of courtship! We want you to enjoy every step of that path together, and for the love of God, please teach our youth a little something about old-fashioned manners in a dating relationship. Remember, they’re always watching to see what you’ll do next.

Finish this leg of your Christian race in strong stride! Give your juniors something to talk about and be a walking example of correct Christian behavior for them. 

Try Online Dating

Try online dating?! You might be thinking we already forgot the part about asking you to set the example, huh? Well, we certainly know where you’re coming from in thinking the internet turned the world a bit crazy. But hear us out for this one…

There are actually a lot of people your age using online dating sites. As matter of fact, there are some dating sites specifically dedicated to seniors! That’s right, no one but seniors are allowed on those sites!

Meeting in Person

You might be the type of person who insists on meeting someone the old-fashioned way. We understand the value of that approach too. It can feel more natural, and it always makes for a fun story to tell others.

That’s why we suggest thinking about age-appropriate locations for meeting someone new. You probably aren’t going to find the marrying type in a bar after 60+ years. They’re going to be in meaningful locations with meaningful people.

That’s why we suggest being open to finding a partner at your local church first. This is the proverbial gold mine for finding someone of respectable Christian character. If it was good enough for the earliest followers of Jesus, it’s still going to be good enough for us today. 

Let Family and Friends Help

We recommend you let someone know that you’re open to finding love again. Many hands make light work, and in this case, they can help shorten the search process for you. Chances are, your close family and friends may have someone in mind for you already!

We also suggest using your seniority (wink wink) to schedule and advocate for having family days at local community spots. A great place to start is somewhere like a city park near the picnic tables. A lot of families tend to gather in these types of locations for extended family get-togethers. This may produce some opportunities for the patriarchs and matriarchs of different families to meet one another.

Talk to the Lord about It

Prayer is perhaps the most powerful gift given to us by God. It’s oftentimes the method by which His heart is moved and His mind is changed (Num. 14:11-20). Prayer is our direct line to the throne room of God, connected by Christ, and delivered on our behalf by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:26-27).

You probably didn’t need to be reminded of that fact, but just in case you did, we’re happy to be God’s reminder to you at this moment. We exhort you to pray about this situation with the Lord and ask Him to match your heart with another person of His choosing in a similar circumstance. It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if you were both praying for each other this whole time.

And just in case you haven’t heard this from someone in a while, we want you to know that the Lord sincerely cares for your wellbeing and loves you with a nearly incomprehensible passion. He is the original Pursuer of hearts, and whether you find someone special to call your significant other or not, He will always be there for you. 

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to talk to Him after reading and listen for His guidance in this situation.