7 Outdoor Christian Date Ideas

Christian dating is meant to be different. The world is full of date ideas that range from permissible to immoral, and dating experts that will tell you the latest formulas for success in your romantic endeavors. We hope you’ll aspire to more than normal date nights and connect on a deeper level with your partner.

Ultimately, our dating life should glorify God. We want you to enjoy and see Jesus in everything you do, including date nights together as a couple. With that in mind, we’ve made a small list of Christian date ideas for the great outdoors. Invite God to dwell with you both as you enjoy His creation together.


Take a Long Walk

We like this idea because the walk together is an analogy for the relationship itself. As a couple, you’re hoping to take a long walk through life together. During that walk, sometimes you’ll be in a well-landscaped area with beautiful scenery. Other times, you might not have the best view or enjoy certain smells in the area. 

Romantic relationships are similar in that way. The point isn’t to enjoy every single part of the walk/relationship but to experience every aspect together, united hand in hand. The scenery is always changing, and during the walk, you’re making decisions about where to go next. Take a walk together; you’ll be glad you did.

Stargaze at Night

This is one of our favorite suggestions because it can be done from almost any location. It’s best experienced in a rural area somewhere with little to no artificial, ambient lighting (aka light pollution). When the conditions are right, it’s hard to find a more beautiful sight in all of nature.

Depending on your location and the time of year, you can see various constellations and even distant galaxies. Think about it, these are the same stars that Abraham gazed upon when God promised him descendants more numerous than the stars he could count in the sky (Genesis 15:5-6). As a Christian, you are one of those descendants and a fulfillment of prophecy (Galatians 3:29).

The conversations under this heavenly canopy will almost always turn to wonder. Watch as shooting stars and meteors pass by unobserved by others. Take in the very real possibility that you two could be the only people on earth to have witnessed a particular moment in the sky this night. Enjoy stargazing together and see what the Lord might reveal from above.

Picnic in the Park

Everyone likes the idea of having a picnic together. It brings to mind images of red-checkered blankets and a wicker basket full of food for that perfect spot. Picnics are an excellent chance to have a cheap meal together in a secluded spot while enjoying God’s nature. It’s the perfect mix of privacy in a public place. 

Plan an Adventure

Adventures are always fun and full of spontaneous events. They’re especially fun when unplanned and unknown. Throw a dart at a local map and find a way to get there, no matter what. Be ready and willing to meet the challenge together.

Your challenge is limited only by your imagination. For example, if you’re dart has hit a local and easily accessible business downtown, then make automobiles off-limits for the adventure. If it lands out in the woods then bring a shovel to bury something to dig up this time next year together.

You can make an adventure out of the ordinary anytime. Let your imagination run free and collaborate together for fun, new ways to challenge yourselves. Go for an adventure and let God knit you two closer together through shared experiences.

Make a Bonfire

Not every date has to be as a couple. Friends can be a welcome addition, especially when it comes to double dating or triple dating or more! A nighttime bonfire is a perfect mix of privacy in public, and it’s a great idea for hanging out with other couples as a night of shared bonding. The cool night air will help keep couples bundled together, and the fire will help keep them seen by the others. 

The Bible says our God is an all-consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29). As you’re gathered together, reflect on this while the wood is consumed for the purpose of heating you. Consider sharing stories with each other around the campfire about the other ways that the Lord has cared for you through consuming things in your life.

Go for a Hike

Hiking can be an excellent way to get exercise and bond together. It’s the perfect Sunday Funday for the couple who practices active living and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t bite off more than you can chew if you aren’t used to trekking across hills or scaling mountains. Pack plenty of water and always bring a compass, just in case you get lost and need to head due North.

Mountains are characteristic of living places for the gods. Mount Zion is often depicted as God’s home and hill city for Christians. As you ascend the earthly mountains together [or really small hills, no shame in that game], consider the type of person David said would ascend the heavenly Mountain of the Lord (Psalm 24:3-5). Keep your hands clean and your hearts pure before God in your romantic relationship with each other.

Plant a Garden

This idea is a good one if you own some land. Planting a garden is another great analogy for the relationship you’re in. It takes planning, time, care, tenderness, and attention to sustain a garden. But eventually, you will eat from the fruit of the garden and enjoy it together. Grow your relationship by growing a garden.