Christian Dating Advice for Widows

bible on a lectern

This is one of the most sensitive subjects in dating. So many emotions are attached to the word “widow” and, though some of them may be true, most of them probably don’t describe you at all. Unfortunately, getting others to see that is sometimes harder said than done. Firstly, we want to say thank you … Read more

How Long Should Christian Couples Stay Engaged?


We recognize and hope that a deep sense of longing is created between engaged couples for their wedding day to arrive. For some couples, a multitude of stars needs to align for the wedding to finally happen. For other couples, they’re happy with a simple courthouse visit to seal the deal. Each situation is as … Read more

7 Outdoor Christian Date Ideas


Christian dating is meant to be different. The world is full of date ideas that range from permissible to immoral, and dating experts that will tell you the latest formulas for success in your romantic endeavors. We hope you’ll aspire to more than normal date nights and connect on a deeper level with your partner. … Read more

Should I Mention Christianity on My Online Dating Profile?


You’ve decided that online dating is for you, but you’re not sure if broadcasting your Christian identity is such a good idea. You’re worried that it might limit your dating prospects to fewer people, and you want the best chance of success online. So, is it a good idea to display to others online that … Read more

Christian Dating Advice for Women

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The vast ocean of dating might be the hardest to navigate for Christian women. It can be difficult to stay on course when the opposite sex consistently tries to test the waters of your Christian morals and values. We appreciate you staying true to them, especially in these trying times of permissive culture. It can … Read more

Caution Flags for Marriage

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It’s important to critically evaluate your relationship before getting married. This evaluation should be ongoing, but if you haven’t done it before getting engaged, it definitely needs to happen during that period. Since Christians should shun and avoid divorce, we want you to be sure of your lifelong decision before you say “I do.” A … Read more

Dating After Divorce – A Biblical Perspective

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Returning to the dating scene after a divorce can be a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, you may be excited at the possibility of falling in love again and doing life with someone special. On the other hand, you may still be feeling disappointed with the collapse of your previous marriage and hesitant at … Read more

Christian Dating Advice for Men

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Men, it can be a hard job finding someone special to date out there. The permissiveness of the Western culture in which we live is often counterculture to the Christian lifestyle. It can leave you wondering if there are any virtuous women left in the world.  Well, good news, you don’t need to become Amish … Read more

Conflict Management in Relationships

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Every romance will be tested with some type of disagreement during the relationship. If you’ve followed our other relationship guides, hopefully, these fusses will only be over minor issues. But one thing is for sure: conflict is inevitable, even for the most loving of couples.  However, the way you manage conflict isn’t inevitable. There are … Read more

Christian Dating Advice: When to Break Up

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Sometimes, enough is enough. That point tends to be different for different people, but we all know when that personal threshold has been reached. However, when it comes to dating, some people are built to various degrees of temperament than most others. They tend to be near one end of the extreme or the other … Read more