How to Meet Someone to Date at Church

Meeting someone at church is an excellent idea! You’re going to have an advantage over others out there through already having shared interests in common. This bodes well for compatibility and gives you a higher probability that the relationship will work. 

Going to church is more than a shared interest though. By finding a partner at church, you are both believing each other to share the same spiritual destiny together. This belief directly affects how you treat this person. Those are higher bonds than the world can offer.

In theory, it works and looks great on paper for planning. But sometimes it’s not so easy to find someone at church. Aside from the wedding ring indicator, the members of the congregation don’t exactly have signs on their backs that display their relationship status.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few ideas to help you find that special someone out there. 

Cross on top of a church

Be a Name, Not Just a Face

First things first. You’re never going to find someone special at church if you aren’t around long enough to meet them. This means showing up early to service and hanging around longer once the service is over.

If people don’t see you long enough to learn your name, how that special someone supposed to know who their approaching? Don’t ask them to take another leap of faith. Your chances are much better if you’re known in the church and not merely just seen.

There are some great ways to make yourself known too. Every church will have a way for you to contribute, or they might have a way to contribute to you. Either way, they need to know who you are before either of those things can happen. 

Become a Door Greeter

Want everyone to know your name? Ask to be one of the welcoming greeters for the Sunday services. You’ll get to see and meet all the people in the congregation. Totally the best way to scope wedding rings and open the door to romantic possibilities…pun totally intended.

This position is perfect for the extrovert out there but brief enough for the introvert to handle also. That’s because short conversations are the expectation in this circumstance. You’re simply making people feel welcomed before they go to find their seats. It’s a perfect way to spy out those you think have romantic potential.

Most importantly, you’re ministering to others and showing them love. That special someone you hope to meet will definitely notice that before they notice anything else about you.

Look for the Singles Ministry

One church ministry you should definitely look into is the singles ministry. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a ministry for single people. Churches realize matchmaking is necessary and good for the congregation.

Here is where you want to lay the groundwork. The ministry itself will likely give you some invaluable principles to use for dating. They’ll show you the type of person that fits the description of a Christian. The entire purpose of the ministry is to help you during your walk with Christ as a single person but also to prepare you for a relationship and marriage when those days come.

Has the homerun become obvious yet? Surrounding yourself with other single women and men like you has all kinds of benefits. There are people of the same sex going through the same circumstances with you, and that creates companionship and solidarity. There are people of the opposite sex around seeking to change their relationship status, and that creates ample opportunity for meeting someone special.

But some churches won’t have a singles ministry due to their current size or purpose. That’s okay too; there are other ways to search for a partner at your church. 

Get Involved with the Congregation

If you can’t find someone through the ways mentioned above, why not get involved another way? You won’t always find romance by sitting in the pews. Sometimes you have to get involved with the congregation.

If you’re prone to leadership, you could build the singles ministry in your church. Perhaps you could even start something that fishes outside the pond of your local church. A multi-church singles group for small churches is a novel idea.

Some churches will have a fellowship hall or some type of large meeting room for Sunday school, banquets, nurseries, etc. There’s more to the church than simply attending services, and here’s where you can get involved in some capacity. There will always be a need for help.

Teachers, cooks, servers, babysitters, and all kinds of other helpers are needed at your church. Wherever you see a congregational need, plug yourself in! As you rub shoulders with others, they will understand your desire for marriage. Having gained their respect through service, you will have them praying for you and using their own resources to bring you the happiness that you’ve helped bring others.

Try Online Dating

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be at your local church. Maybe the church is too small; that’s possible. Maybe you feel like you just aren’t being noticed, despite having already tried the above suggestions. Sometimes the circumstances just aren’t working.

Well, there’s a solution for that which doesn’t involve leaving your church in search of another one. Please don’t do that. You are there for a bigger reason and not just to find a romantic partner. Romance shouldn’t be the deciding factor for your church attendance.

Online dating is a completely acceptable option. There are others like you out there on the internet. They’re going through the same things at their own church too and haven’t found anyone as their suitor either. This is where Christian dating sites can be a godsend…literally.