How to Find a Christian Man

Have you ever played the game Guess Who? Two players each pick a card with a person on it, and their opponent has to guess which card they picked based on the physical characteristics of the person on it. 

They ask simple questions like, “Does he have blonde hair?” If the answer is “yes,” they flip down all the cards of people without blonde hair. If the answer is “no,” they flip down all the cards of people with blonde hair. The process of elimination gets repeated until the correct person on the card is eventually revealed.

That game is a bit like the dating process for women. Does he view marriage as the goal of dating? Yes…flip down the men that don’t. Does he have an uncontrollable temper? No…flip down the men that do. Is he a Christian man? Yes…flip down the men that aren’t. 

That last question is the one we’re all here to answer. That’s the man that we want you to go on a date with. So, ladies, take the following suggestions seriously.

Silhouette of a Christian Man on a mountain

Go to a Christian Dating Website

Christian dating has migrated onto the internet. Girl, this is what we’re all living with. It’s simply the fastest and easiest way to meet local, single Christian men in your area of the world. 

Go to a Christian Church

You know those moments of metaphor where your princess crown is sitting tilted on your head, but you just didn’t know it? Then, God bless her, your girlfriend straightens it for you without causing a scene? Yea, this is one of those moments…

Sometimes it takes telling you what you already know to remind you that you already knew it. Of course, Christian men are going to be at church! If you want to find a man that will be serious about you, find one that’s already serious about God. Going to church is one of the main filters for a serious Christian (Hebrews 10:25).

But here’s something you might not know. The size of the church will likely impact how you find a date within it. Really, it all depends on what you are looking for and the circumstances you are comfortable in.

Churchgoing Christian men attend either a large or small church. The size of the church will probably determine how many men are available, but that won’t always be true for every church. Each congregation is different and should be explored without completely relying on cookie-cutter notions about size.

Large Churches

Large churches usually have 1,000+ members in the congregation. Once churches reach this size, they typically have a “singles ministry” or something comparable. This is your best shot for finding a Christian man within a large church.

This is where you’ll find Christian men also seeking Christian women. But be warned, the registration for these classes might be limited to only members of the congregation. Using the resources that are provided is the best dating tip for large churches. Sometimes the schedules for these types of programs will be hard to find, so don’t be afraid to ask around about them at a help desk.

The big advantage of large churches is the number of single Christian men to choose from. There are plenty to go around, so you won’t be dealing with any potential jealousy from the other ladies. However, you run the risk of settling down somewhere too big and getting lost in the crowd.

Small Churches

On the other hand, small churches are more tightly knit congregations of less than 1,000 members. You’ll definitely find a difference in the size of the building too. These churches are centered around their community.

They usually won’t have a ministry program for singles, but they make up for it with intimate connections throughout the congregation. They’ll definitely know if that cute boy who was single last month is still available or not. Becoming friendly with their people is the best dating tip for small churches. Getting to know them will score you new friends and the date you’re looking for.

Small churches are known for having a friendly atmosphere where everyone knows everybody. If you’re a lady focused on family more so than career, this might be the best type of church for you to settle down at. Expect to see more genuine smiles and hear more authentic laughs when you visit these types of churches.

Go to a Christian Conference

Want to find a place where the Christian male-to-female ratio is around 9-to-1? You’re looking for a Christian conference.

Don’t expect to be warmly greeted here as you would be at a church. These types of events are the “business casual” of Christian organizations. This is where church and parachurch leaders come to listen to one another and discuss matters important to the Christian faith.

Because of that ratio and agenda, your presence will be immediately noticed. Here, most of the men will probably be married. But the ones that aren’t will likely want to talk with you after discovering you don’t have a wedding ring on. So no long sleeves here!

But…here’s the catch. They’ll definitely expect you to know your Bible fairly well. Depending on where the conversation goes, they might even assume that you know some advanced doctrines of theology. You’ve come to the big leagues, better be ready to play ball.

With that said, there isn’t a better place to find a Christian man who truly believes and acts in accordance with the principles of God. The men attending Christian conferences are those who have dedicated their lives to the mission of Christianity. You’ll be in good hands if you find your date here.