Christian Dating in Your 30s

You’ve finally turned the dirty thirty. Then again, maybe you’re already multiple years into it and currently finding out just how dirty your thirties can be. Your body isn’t exactly what it used to be, and your thirties will start to show you exactly how. Dating in your thirties isn’t what it used to be either so get used to different.

The dating scene starts to become interesting at the age of thirty. Youth has finally ripened, and people’s independence has usually been realized in full by now. You’ll definitely need to make some grown-up decisions about the person you want to date, and you might find the selection has slimmed a bit – even if you haven’t. 

But your thirties are still full of dating opportunities! We’ve made a short guide for finding a quality Christian during this stage of life. But you might be surprised by how much this guide focuses on you instead of them. Check it out below.

Couple in love outside

Become the Christian You Want

If you’re looking for another Christian to date, don’t forget to ask yourself an important question. Are you the kind of Christian that you’d date? The knife of selection cuts both ways when you view it that way.

So think about it. Are you the type of Christian that other Christians are hoping to find as their life partner? Are you where you want to be in your spiritual walk with God? Do you want to change any of those two answers? Well, through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, you definitely can!

He can make you become the kind of Christian that you would want in others! It really is that simple…on paper. Getting there will take killing some bad habits and making some new ones. With the help of God, you’ll be attracting others that are like-minded.

Go to Church

Don’t forsake assembling together with other Christians. We get it; sometimes the presence of hypocrites and professional pew-sitters can make you weary and disillusioned. After all, if they really believed in Christianity, they’d be acting right or doing more. 

Well, guess what? None of that matters because we’re talking about your own actions here. Focus on yourself when choosing to judge righteousness, and you’ll find that we’re all lacking in that department. Maybe the Lord will use you as the catalyst for change in them. What an honor that would be!

…but He can’t do it if you’re not there. Go to church.

If you don’t have this conundrum, then get involved in what God’s doing at the church you attend. A good way to do this is by joining a young adult class, a singles ministry, or both! The young adults class is excellent for navigating your thirties, and the singles ministry is going to help you find that Christian partner.

Pray Habitually

Our physical reality is a manifestation of spiritual truths. Prayer changes things both spiritually and physically. Therefore, reality can be altered by God’s answer to your prayers.

God desires communion with us. Prayer is the connection for that communion through the Holy Spirit. He’s a guard against our sinfulness and a catalyst for our sanctification. You can’t lose when you choose to pray.

Furthermore, since prayer is a form of a petition to God, He is listening to what you ask. So why wouldn’t you be praying for that special someone to be sent into your life? Go for it!

Shed the Old Person

In your teens and early twenties, you might have been a part of a youth group. Maybe your church had a large gathering of people your age, or you participated in an organization like Young Life. You likely got invited by a friend or perhaps you were the friend inviting others. You were happy to go along because a lot of your friends were there too, and it seemed like a cool Christian hangout.

That’s all good, but in your thirties, your Christian faith should become more personal than social. That’s not to say what you were doing before wasn’t personal or that it should altogether stop being social now. We’re just highlighting your need to personally mature in the faith. 

Know What You’re After

This is different for everyone. Some people aren’t deterred by the pasts of other people. If that’s you then kudos; we believe God can transform anyone at any age. If that’s not you, we totally understand that disposition also. Just don’t forget that you’ve probably got some unflattering facts in your past too. 

Your thirties are typically when people begin to have baggage in their hands or skeletons in their closets. There’s a key difference between those two; baggage comes with them into your relationship, and skeletons are left behind but still hard to look at. One might have more responsibility attached to it than the other, but it’s all a matter of perspective.

So what are you willing to accept? Is it too difficult for you to swallow that they’ve had a previous divorce? Is a child or children from another relationship too much for you? Everyone eventually draws a line in the sand somewhere over something. Find your line.

One line you should never let them cross concerns religion. You shouldn’t be looking to date anyone from a different religion. You should always be seeking to find another Christian.

Give Online Dating a Try

Sometimes your local church or those Christian groups and ministries don’t have that special person you’re looking for. They’re definitely out there, but they just might be in another location. Here is where Christian dating sites become a good option to consider.

Online dating gives you the ability to travel outside your social circle without actually going anywhere. Christian dating apps and websites are perfect for what you’re hoping to find out there. Don’t give up on love if you can’t find it immediately around you. It might be waiting for you on the other side of the screen.