6 Online Dating Tips for Christian Singles

Hello, fellow believer, and welcome to the world of online dating. We’re happy to see that you’ve chosen this path with your Christian faith at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re just starting to date or have been for a while, we aim to help you on this journey with some suggestions.

Following these tips is a great way to increase your chances of romantic success. Each of these tips serves to ensure that you match with someone on a deeper, spiritual level. These types of higher bonds are necessary for a successful Christian relationship to take root and bloom.

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Use the Religion Filters

Most dating sites will have some sort of filter for narrowing down the people that are presented in your results. The dating site will typically have selectable religions as part of those filters. This is a crucial tool for online Christian dating.

You will want to find and select the “Christian” option amongst the various checkboxes in this filter. Be sure that all the other religions are unchecked or unmarked. “Christian” should be the only option selected. This ensures that you are seeing only other Christians on the dating site.

Use Denominational Filters (if applicable)

If you’re using a strictly Christian dating site, they will likely have a denominational filter to help narrow down your potential matches. The reason for this is fairly straightforward and simple to understand. There are [mostly] minor theological differences that form each particular denomination.

Needless to say, denominations can be a big deal for some Christians. If that statement describes you, then you already know what we’re talking about. If that statement doesn’t describe you, you should at least be aware that some Christians won’t date outside their particular church denomination.

Depending on your perspective and theological convictions, dating within your denomination has both benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, it might avoid a few potentially difficult discussions that could develop in the future of the relationship. On the other hand, it limits you to a particular group of Christians because of some rather small differences.

Use a Reputable Online Dating Site

The site you choose is an important part of the Christian dating process. It’s akin to fishing in oceans, lakes, or ponds. The size of the online dating site is important for a few reasons.

The broad sites accept everybody and anybody. This likely means having to sift your way through people of other religions, sexual orientations, and the like to find an orthodox Christian. As mentioned above, these types of sites usually come with filters to help you through this process.

The niche websites are smaller but perhaps more appropriate for what you’re seeking. Christian dating sites are a niche of their own with fewer people but exactly the type of people that you want to find. These are always worth checking out!

Unfortunately, every person isn’t on every site. All sites don’t have the same quality of people either.

Use the Weeklong Rule

The weeklong rule was created for some very good reasons. You should always wait a minimum of one week after meeting someone online before meeting up with them physically. That’s a quick summary and explanation of the rule, but it serves a lot of purposes.

Firstly, it’s simply a safe idea. No matter how well you think you know a person online, they could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This period of pause gives your emotions time to settle and allows the Holy Spirit to let you pick up on those warning signs. Give Him a chance to let you feel if something is odd about them.

Secondly, it allows for you to get to know the person just below the surface before deciding to invest your time into dating them. If you’ve ever gone on a date to immediately regret it in the first fifteen minutes, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Give yourself a week to get to know the person.

Lastly, it allows for you to keep your options open before deciding to commit to someone on a deeper level than simple conversations. Finding a partner is a big deal, so don’t cheat yourself of the options. You should only shut the door on the other possibilities once you’re certain that you’ve found the one to pursue.

Use the Monthlong Rule (if applicable)

The monthlong rule was created for a specific reason. If you or they can’t find the time to go out on a date after one month of talking online, you should definitely move on to searching for someone else. It’s the best option for both people.

Healthy relationships are about making time for your partner. If you or they are unable to carve out a block of time for a romantic interest, then you probably aren’t that interested in them or vice versa. However, if someone actually is that busy and can’t meet, they shouldn’t even be searching for a relationship and need to pick a better time to date.

This rule doesn’t apply to long-distance relationships. If you’re speaking to someone far outside of your local or regional area, it might take some time to organize a meeting. This is especially true if flights and hotel reservations need to be booked.

Use a Picture

Our last tip is a simple one about photography. Please don’t be that person who creates an online dating profile with no picture. If you do, your number of matches will be significantly reduced – possibly to the point of zero.

This isn’t the vibe you want to be sending others. It reeks of a mystery that no one wants to solve. Uploading a picture immediately lends credibility to your bio section, and some dating sites won’t even list your profile in the search results of others without a photo.