Christian Dating Questions

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A new relationship is always full of excitement when it’s fresh and just beginning. For about a month or so, your significant other can do no wrong. The things you like get magnified while the things you don’t get marginalized during this special season. Welcome to the honeymoon phase of puppy love. That feeling will … Read more

How to Meet Someone to Date at Church

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Meeting someone at church is an excellent idea! You’re going to have an advantage over others out there through already having shared interests in common. This bodes well for compatibility and gives you a higher probability that the relationship will work.  Going to church is more than a shared interest though. By finding a partner … Read more

How to Find a Christian Man

Silhouette of a Christian Man on a mountain

Have you ever played the game Guess Who? Two players each pick a card with a person on it, and their opponent has to guess which card they picked based on the physical characteristics of the person on it.  They ask simple questions like, “Does he have blonde hair?” If the answer is “yes,” they … Read more

Christianity and Premarital Intimacy

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Well, here we are talking about the subject on everybody’s mind. When it comes to intimacy, how far is too far? More like, how close is too close? What’s the appropriate snuggle to space ratio here?  Well, jokes aside, there are some things we must discuss before arriving at an answer. What is intimacy? What … Read more

How to Find a Christian Woman

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Have you ever played the game of Battleship before? Two people set up their boats on the game board and fire at each other until all their opponent’s boats are sunk. But you can’t see where they’ve set up their boats; that’s the catch.  At first, it’s a guessing game to find out where the … Read more