Marriage Momentum in Relationships

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Does your relationship have a chance of becoming a healthy marriage? Is it possible to predict the success rate of a marriage before it even begins? Should you wait a bit longer before deciding to get married? Premarital counseling is designed to answer those types of questions. It might serve as the voice of reason … Read more

Christian Dating Advice for Seniors

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It’s never too late to start dating again! Romance isn’t limited to age, and you’re never too aged to take another shot at love. There are plenty of other seniors who have decided to date again, and they’re looking for people just like you! As Christians, we’re called to show love to the people of … Read more

Christian Dating: When Should We Kiss?

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It can be difficult for people in a new relationship to decide when they should kiss. The danger in kissing too soon is feeling like the relationship is moving too fast. The danger in kissing too late is feeling like the relationship is just a friendship. In our previous article about kissing, we discussed if … Read more

Christian Dating: How Long Before Engagement?

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We know what it’s like to wonder when something might happen. The intensity of that wonder is only amplified when it comes to marriage. That’s why we thought it was essential to create an article on engagement timelines; we want you to know when you might be nearing that significant point of decision in the … Read more

What is the Purpose of Dating for a Christian?

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It might surprise you to learn that dating is a relatively new concept in many societies. Traditionally, marriage was arranged in most parts of the world with the wedding happening sometime after a period of betrothment. As such, dating is typically considered a Western practice by most of the world, but as time progresses, it’s … Read more

3 Best Books for Christian Couples to Read Together

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Couples should always be attempting to grow closer with one another over time. This inherent truth about relationships leads couples to search for more ways to become knit together with each another emotionally. One of the many ways to achieve this type of deeper intimacy is by reading the same book together.  Reading books together … Read more

Christian Dating Advice for Non-Drinkers

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Hopefully, you’ve taken our first date advice and aren’t headed to the bar for your first encounter. Although not the focus of this article, it’s a good piece of initial advice for avoiding drinks on the first date. We got you covered the rest of the way here.  At this point, we feel it necessary … Read more

Christian Dating Advice for Single Moms

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Mom is a name used around the world and in all languages. For most children, it’s a term of endearment for one of their parents. For most adults, the title brings back deeply beloved memories of their own childhood. For you and your kiddo(s), it’s life. We want to congratulate you on becoming a mom, … Read more

Should Christians Date Non-Christians?

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This is one of those lingering questions that always comes up from time to time. Essentially, the question inquires about the importance of faith when it comes to choosing who to date. More specifically, it asks about the importance of another person’s belief in Christ. Typically, people who ask this question are Christians who want … Read more

Can a Christian Date an Atheist?

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Atheists are a rare breed, and thankfully, they’re becoming rarer every day. Due to modern scholarship and robust Christian apologetics, it’s becoming more difficult for people to outright deny the existence of God. Nevertheless, there are still a few that do. Despite their disbelief in God, these people can be quite charming! You might have … Read more